Dining Room Chair Covers - Important Information

Now let us talk about dining room chair covers and why we need them. As the name already tells you, its main purpose is to protect the chair from spills and stains. I’ve always been careful with my furniture, but even I couldn’t avoid accidents. Imagine what will happen if you have pets or kids – that is a recipe for disaster.

In most cases, dining room furniture is pretty expensive because its main purpose is to make a statement that “I live a luxurious lifestyle”. It is really important to leave a positive impression on people, and that is why we need dining room chair covers to make a room look elegant.

Dining Room Chair Covers | Some Other Dangers


Unless you buy dining room chair covers, you will soon see how your chairs will start looking more and more worn and tired. As I already mentioned, you can’t always be careful and protect your furniture from spills as well as over-usage by you, your friends, family members and other guests. If you are not careful, the legs and arms of the can become scraped or/and chipped; your cushions can get worn.

That’s why it is essential to spend some money on chair covers as it can prolong the life of chair fabric and make it look new (remember, that having good looking furniture is important for leaving a positive impression).

Dining Room Chair Covers | What You Need To Know About Covers

Well, there are quite a few covers that can help protect the furniture. For example, custom dining room chair covers will easily replace the old, used fabric.

I suggest you hire a craftsman to do it for you, because this is delicate work. Your job is to choose the patterns and colors - professionals will do the rest.

If you are on a budget, you can just buy cheaper covers that can protect the existing fabric. Make sure you check the size of your chairs, otherwise your covers might not fit.

Nowadays, you can get covers that have a waterproof layer that can stop any liquids from ruining the fabric. These are more expensive, but if you care about your furniture – totally worth it.

Dining Room Chair Covers | Fabric Comparison

When we talk dining room chair covers, we talk about polyester and cotton – the most common materials. As in everything, they both have their ups and downs.

Polyester is made of petroleum derivatives. The reason why people love this material is because it’s stain –and wrinkle resistant and very flexible. Polyester spandex blends may stretch up to 32% of their original size.

Cotton is the most commonly used textile. A chair cover made of cotton will have a feel of a natural fabric, which makes it easy to take care of. The main issue with cotton is that it’s prone to wrinkling and not really flexible.

Dining Room Chair Covers | After The Covers Have Been Delivered

There are some things you need to remember after you get the dining room chair covers delivered to your house. Many retailers won’t issue a refund if just one cover was removed from the package. So, before you put the covers on the chair, make sure that the color and pattern match what you have originally ordered.

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