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    XMW Offers Ka Band BUC Products and Services

    XMW Inc. facilitates communication in the Earth and Space with innovative SATCOM and wireless technologies. As the demand for digital data communication continues increasing at rapid rates, satellite operators are being required to offer more bandwidth. At the same time, the ability to offer increasing bandwidth in lower frequency product ranges is diminishing in supply. To solve this business problem, satellite service providers started adopting Ka-band satellites, and XMW has developed Ka-band Block Up-Converter (BUC) series used for Ka-band satellite communication. The BUC is a component of satellite antennas that converts a very low-frequency input signal received from a modem into a high-frequency signal, then amplifies the converted signal, and transmits it to a satellite. XMW’s patented Ka-band BUCs are being used for O3b and many other new Ka-band services worldwide. With field proven and patented design, XMW is proudly supplying a broad range of Ka-band BUCs from 1W to 40W. Primary Benefits Broad Product Range: a key valuable benefit is that XMW offers the broadest range of Ka-band products in terms of output power from 1W to 40W, as well as frequency bands from single to quad-band. Any standard products and custom made requirements can be delivered in short period of time because of the variety of XMW field proven design platforms based on modular electrical, mechanical combining technologies. Low Power Consumption: an additional key valuable benefit is low power consumption due to XMW’s development of the most optimized power amplifier module design in the industry with a patented technology. This will result in more reliable operation and a longer life cycle. Lower Price Points: As an original manufacturer, XMW offers very competitive prices, especially for Ka-band BUC because the products are designed and manufactured in-house in Korea, and are using standardized key components. US Customer Service: XMW operates a local customer service center based in Silicon Valley, CA to better support US customers’ requests and support.

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    My name is Mable Hall, a professional freelance writer, like to introduce XMW Inc . XMW’s patented Ka Band BUCs are being used for O3b and many other new Ka-band services worldwide.

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