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    The Basics of Plastic Reprocessed Scrap

    The manufacturer of plastics is a process that can be found across the globe. Between 1950 and 2012, global production for this material grew by nearly 9% annually. At the current rate, there is no indication growth will slow in the near or medium future. The explosion in the utilization of plastic isn’t surprising considering the useful characteristics of this material has. It is extremely versatile which allows to be tailored to meet very specific technical needs. It is lighter than competing materials while remaining extremely durable and resistant to certain chemicals and water. New Plastic Production Affects Numerous Environmental Issues Unfortunately, the production of plastic raises numerous pollution issues. Industrial practices and the manufacture of plastic can generate a variety of pollutants and toxic intermediaries. The exposure to some of these materials can be hazardous. A primary concern of the plastic manufacturing process is the proper disposal of waste plastics. The same issue is a concern on the consumer end as well because plastics are the primary material associated with littering as well as the rapid rate of landfill usage. It is estimated that plastics constitute about 80% of the weight and 20% of the volume of all municipal solid waste. In order to curb the potential drawbacks of plastic the use of plastic reprocessed scrap is growing in popularity. Is All Plastic Reprocessed Scrap the Same? A common misperception is that all plastic reprocessed scrap is the same. While all plastics have certain common features, on a molecular level they can be significantly different. Engineered and industrial plastics are typically made from high-grade materials. They can be found in everything from refrigerators to computers, a variety of vehicles, and even medical equipment. For example, recycled polyamide is a synthetic fiber based on polymer waste recovery. It can come from both postconsumer waste and industrial waste. Once it is reprocessed, polyamide can be chemically modified to generate plastics which boast high mechanical properties, a unique balance of stiffness and toughness, excellent thermal resistance, and good wear/abrasion resistance. What Factors Currently Affect Plastic Reprocessing? There are several factors which currently affect the plastic reprocessed scrap industry. The first factor working in favor of this industry is the reprocessing of plastic can significantly reduce the use of virgin materials and necessary amount of energy to complete the production process. On the other hand, there are still some factors which create headwinds for this industry. For example, the collection and cleaning of plastic waste can create a barrier to getting access to enough plastics. Fortunately, numerous initiatives are taking place across the globe to increase plastic collection. What Are the Long-Term Benefits of Using Plastic Reprocessed Scrap? There are a growing number of long-term benefits of using plastic reprocessed scrap. While this industry is still relatively young, several key technologies have been developed to make it more cost-effective to sort and recycle plastics. Another long-term benefit is the conservation of nonrenewable fossil fuels. Plastic production and is currently responsible for a percent of the world’s oil use. Recycling also decreases the consumption of energy and amount of solid waste generated by the manufacturing process. From an environmental perspective the use of reprocessed plastic scrap can reduce emissions of carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxides, sulfur dioxide, and various additional toxic materials.

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