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    7 Advantages of Using PE Pipe and PE Fittings in Piping Systems

    PE (Polyethylene) plastics were first invented in 1933. The early techniques used to complete the polymerization process relied on a high-pressure autoclave reactor and extremely high temperatures. The original process was dangerous and expensive which is why other safer and less expensive processes were developed. PE pipe and PE fittings were created using a low pressure system, beginning in the 1950s. This allowed for greater versatility in tailoring molecule structures by leveraging variations and temperatures, pressures, and reaction catalysts. Relying on modern technologies has made the manufacturing of PE pipe and PE fittings significantly more cost-effective. Today’s PE plastics offer a variety of advantages when used in new or existing piping systems. Corrosion Resistance The first benefit is corrosion resistance. Corrosion is a well-known problem associated with metal piping systems which were popular for the better part of a century. Corrosion occurs both inside and outside the pipe which hurts hydraulic efficiency. Many municipalities currently have to treat their water in order to help slow the buildup of rust and petting which is inevitable with metal pipes. Using PE pipe and PE fittings eliminates this problem and reduces long-term maintenance and operating costs. Fatigue Resistance Another benefit of using PE pipe and PE fittings is fatigue resistance. This type of pipe is flexible and ductile which makes it more versatile than traditional metal piping. Additionally, it is designed and pressure related to hand all the occasional and reoccurring surge events which are typical of large-scale water distribution systems. Leak-Free Joints Several independent studies have noted that water loss in municipal piping systems can range from 16% to 50% due solely to tweaking joints. This is because traditional metal piping relies on a bell and spigot or mechanical type joint. PE pipe and PE fittings can be joined together with heat fusion welds. This creates a permanent, leak free system. Extended Service Life Depending upon the specific application, design, and installation process this type of pipe has the potential to last anywhere from 50 to 100 years with minimal maintenance. This makes it ideal for large-scale piping infrastructure. Adaptability Another benefit of PE pipe and PE fittings is adaptability. There are a wide range of PE fittings available to ensure this type of product can be used in any size or application. Additionally, there are a variety of fittings designed specifically for municipalities to transition from traditional piping to PE piping. This makes it easy for municipalities to slowly replace their current infrastructure with PE pipe over time, making the entire process more cost-effective and minimizing the upfront capital investment associated with replacing an entire pipe system. Cost-Effective Installation Maintenance and part replacement is one of the most expensive aspects of maintaining a piping system. PE pipe is extremely flexible which allows for trenchless installation. Traditional metal piping is installed by the open cut process, which is essentially digging a ditch for the pipe. Leveraging trenchless technology, a horizontal directional machine can board a continuous Albany for ground. The flexibility of PE pipe combined with its high tensile strength and abrasion resistance makes it the ideal solution for this type of installation. Environmentally Friendly The final benefit of using PE pipe and PE fittings is the comparative environmental benefits. It takes less energy to manufacture this type of pipe than non-plastic pipes. Its lightweight characteristics makes it more cost-effective to transport. The heat fusion PE fitting process allows for fewer fittings to be utilized over the long term while providing leak free connections. The trenchless installation process allows for smaller pipe to be used which minimizes ground disruption. Finally, PE pipe and PE fittings can be easily recycled back into non-pressure piping applications.

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