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    How to Choose the Ideal Trekking Pole

    Trekking poles are considered standard equipment for many hikers, backpackers, and snowshoers. A trekking pole will provide enhanced support and stability across a wide variety of terrain. The problem many people run into is deciding how to choose the right trekking poll for their particular needs. Fortunately, there are a few simple characteristics which can be used to guide this decision. Why Use a Trekking Pole Before looking at specific options it is important to determine why a trekking pole is needed. Depending upon the terrain, this item can provide better balance and footing, help establish a walking rhythm, and pushback overhanging vegetation. On downhill hikes it will decrease the amount of stress on legs and joints. On uphill hikes it can transfer some of the weight from the shoulders, arms, and back which will reduce leg fatigue. Basic Types of Trekking Poles The first consideration is what type of trekking pole is best suited for the journey. While many polls now have a combination of characteristics, they can still be broken down into several key categories. The first are standard poles which do not have anti-shock features although they are lighter and less expensive. The second option is anti-shock poles which include internal springs which will absorb shock when walking downhill. This feature can typically be turned off when it is not needed. A hiking staff is a subcategory of trekking poles because they are a single pole which is most often used when walking across flat terrain with little or no load being carried. Shaft Materials The second consideration is the material which makes up the shaft of the trekking pole. The two most popular lightweight construction materials are high-grade aluminum and carbon fiber. High-grade aluminum is durable and economical however it can bend if too much pressure is put on it. Carbon fiber is lighter and more expensive than high-grade aluminum however it is excellent at reducing vibration and is incredibly durable. Under high stress, carbon fiber poles are more vulnerable to breakage or splintering than aluminum poles. Locking Mechanisms Most trekking poles have two or three interlocking sections which allows the height to be adjusted. Most polls use a twist and lock system which allows individuals to easily find the desired length. This type of locking mechanism comes in a variety of different formations including the DuoLock, FlickLock, Super Lock, and Stop Lock. Grip Overall comfort will largely be determined by the type of grip on the trekking pole. The shape and feel of the grip will vary from one brand to another however the material used to make it will provide specific benefits. Cork-based grips resist moisture from sweaty hands and decrease vibration. Foam also absorbs moisture and is the sophist to touch. The final option is rubber which helps insulate hands from cold, shock, and vibration. Other Considerations Depending upon personal preferences there may be a number of additional considerations as well. Popular value-added features include wrist straps and baskets. Depending upon where the trekking pole will be used, the type of pole tip may be an important consideration as well.

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