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    Say no to 08444

    Most of the phone operators in UK provide free national calls to the numbers starting with 01, 02 and 03 in the evenings and on some special days, while the customers can upgrade their package with a little monthly rental and have these calls free 24/7.

    There are two main glitches regarding your free calls and the second one is increasingly becoming important.

    1. Your free national call will remain free for 60 minutes but if the duration exceeds the 60 minutes benchmark then you will be charged for the entire duration and not just for the one minute. There is no limit to the number of times you call and hang up for 60 minutes

    2. If you are a BT customer then the phone calls to all non-geographical numbers are not free even if they are directed to a normal UK telephone number that could have been free if your provider is not BT. Now with BT the calls to 0870 and 0845 numbers are free but the usage limit is restricted to a maximum of 10 hours; this is why many say no to 08444. Unfortunately most of the businesses and the customer care services are using these numbers for their businesses where you can be put on hold for long durations of time.

    Many medium and small scale businesses have started using these chargeable numbers. To worsen the condition many companies have started using numbers that are not even free from BT landline, mainly 0844 and 0871 numbers. Some organizations have even changed from 0870 or 0845 to 0871 and 0845.

    This is specifically forcing the customers to pay more so that they have their percentage. One of the examples for this is Sky, although not a bad company as they provide unlimited and constant 200 mbps connection without fail. Such companies actually make a cut out of these phone calls. This is extremely unfair to keep a customer waiting in long queues especially when he has called to make a complaint. This extra queuing makes them extra money. The complete cycle goes like this. The companies willingly downgrade their services so as to make people call their extremely expensive non geographical numbers and make them wait just to make extra and unaccountable money.

    There are a couple of reasons to say no to 08444; if you are fed up of these scandals, then why not join the campaign of avoiding these numbers as much as possible. In the meantime this will make you save a lot of money.

    These non-geographical numbers are directed to a standard landline number which could have been even a free call if called directly. This is outright fraud. The companies must declare their direct numbers instead of involving these broker firms in between the call route.

    There are websites where you can find a cheaper alternative to these non-geographic numbers. Some companies have even barred these direct numbers as this makes them devoid of their percentage cut. This trend is worsening and needs to be stopped.

    There are many customers whose entire bill is made up of these chargeable calls made to customer care centers. If the customer care centers want to charge money for the calls made to them their charges should be based on the standard call rates defined by the government.

    Buying a mobile phone is very easy now days. There are various options like pay as you go. Costs of mobiles are subsidized because mobile companies want you to have mobiles and call on such numbers so that they make a huge cut out of it.

    Many operators offer cheaper rates to mobile phones for a little extra fee. This is good if most of your calls are made to mobile phones but it’s really extortionate if you are calling these 08xx numbers from your mobile phones especially during peak hours. These non-geographical numbers are extremely costly to call from a mobile phone. You must find a cheaper alternative or a standard landline alternative to these non-geographical numbers.

    Companies and organizations that use non geographical numbers are paid a cut from the revenue generated from each call. The longer you wait, the more money will be made by the company.

    All mobile companies exclude these numbers from their packages of free minutes. A call to such numbers can cost you 25 p per minute whereas if the same call is made to the standard landline number of the company, it could have been free but not so we can as well say no to 08444 numbers.

    There are four main culprits in this case.

    1.0870 National call- If calling from a BT landline then the call charges will be same as calling to a standard landline. But if you have some other provider then the call charges can even be double. Moreover, these numbers are never included in the packages given by the companies.

    2.0845- it can cost up to 7p/min- Many business owners actually pay to have these numbers on the plea that they want to have a professional number. The real story is not known to everybody.

    3. 0871- Can cost up to 11 p/min- These are often used as special services where the providers get a special cut.

    4. 0844- Can cost up to 6p/min- The price of calling this number is fixed but still this number is not included in the free packages given by the companies. You just have to say no to 08444 numbers.

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