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    This is a review on MyHotBook.internet and a GUIDE regarding how to use it properly! Initial is the internet site I've had most success on. Simply because they let you try it for free without. Also they have the greatest database of users. Not like other Dating/Hookup internet sites (Whom I don't mention. Who largely have a male users. By the time you communication a chick, she is already been messaged by an a lot of open guys. This simple isn't the case when it comes to there's a good also ratio of Women and also Men. Secondly, it's not a dating website per say.. Much more of a hookup web site. I defiantly prefer that because like any some other guy. I like to conclude business right away. I can't have time for schedules and all that additional crap. I've banged all the girls We have met on right here the first day I met them, except one( she looked nothing like pics). Third, it's FREE. There's a test membership that doesn't need to have a credit card. But, My spouse and i myself am the full paying member as it's cheap and certainly worth it. There's a lot of capabilities unlocked also, you save way more time and money doing this than conventional dating. I mean cmon... Meeting girls in public is always any drag, and you can't say for sure if they're down to shag. Here's what you do: Step one. Sign Up for a free membership at, make sure you use your real data. You'll have to verify your email later. Don't worry this info wont appear in google or anything at all like that. It's non-public and discreet. Step 2. Upload pics, at the very least five pictures. They could be face shots, physique shots, cock photographs, or whatever drifts your boat. I myself have photographs of me with other girls. Without commencing a long drawn out justification on why this is an excellent technique. In short girls want a guy other women want. But if you don't have any. Fulfill chicks on right here and get pics with these. Step 3. Write something about yourself. This is elective. I didn't because, We have personally watched girls login to MyHotBook to see guys. They always go straight to the images. So I didn't work with this step. But you never know? It could help. Step # 4. Bring up the browse feature and search for women in a 100 kilometer radius. It should go back a huge list of hotties Step five. Write one common message in wordpad as well as notepad. Basically expressing you're in the area and also you'd like to hookup, inside a short paragraph. Duplicate this message and also send it to each girl on the view list. It'll take a long time and you'll probably never get through the list. Particularly since women are generally constantly joining. NOTE: This is a numbers game, don't be shy. The greater you message the greater you message. The higher your chances are. I understand paying members can mail unlimited messages daily. If you're a cheap ass you can get away together with sending a couple each day. But you wont be obtaining laid every night by the new girl unless of course you're sending out regarding 10 a day. Step six. Wait for a reply. In no way message a girl twice. Once you get yourself a reply that means they're interested and that's the ones you focus on. There's a lot of women on MyHotBook, no need to spend time with ones which aren't down to fuck. Stage 7. Get their im info or they're cell so you can text message. I noticed it's much more efficient to be able to IM and TXT 10 girls at once, therefore multitask. Step 8. Setup a meeting. It's my job to have them come to my place for a couple refreshments or something along individuals lines. I in no way take them to your meal because there's to many. I know can't afford it. Probably if I where only meeting one or two per week I could. So there you have that. Using this method is how We have managed to hookup together with nearly 20 girls a month. Please post your success or virtually any comments you have.

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