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    People continue to support modesty in this time and age when Christianity has evolved including Christian clothing. In spite of the values lost along the way in the quest for modernization the bible is still very authoritative and un-debatable in the way believers ought to dress and carry themselves. In spite of the many changes happening in the world Gods world will never change and remains our source of values for living. The book of first timothy clearly outlines how women should dress modestly, hence, the new debate on whether believers should uphold the worldly values or stick to the traditional biblical instructions. There are many questions on why that scripture had to appear in the bible in the first place and the truth is that we are temples of the Holy Spirit and aught to represent Christ in all activities under the earth. There are many other reasons to support this command but the biggest challenge we find is in finding modest clothes in a world that upholds nudity more than dressing up. Many women today have begun appreciating modest Christian clothing, but the challenge is finding them with most designers upholding the less modest. The clothes that a person chooses clearly represent who they are in many ways including their personality. Often, your spirituality shows on the outside before one begins to say that they are a believer, hence, the need to be more cautious in the clothing we choose. A form of dressing marks all religions and Christians are appreciating the need to speak boldly about their faith in the clothes that they wear. Christian apparel fashion is growing and becoming more popular in America and across the globe. Teenagers and youth are appreciating the trendy t-shirts and hats available today and realizing that Christian clothing does not have to be boring. Apart from t-shirts, the fashion industry is coming up with other forms of religious dressing that include pants and jackets. Religious women’s dresses are gaining popularity and comfortable for different occasions. Christian apparel is good for the beach to the office and even on the streets. This is incredible, it is making it easier to spread the gospel of Christ more easily by influencing people around us in small but effective ways. A stylishly tailored outfit will not only draw attention but also deliver the valuable message of the Christ. Technology has also made it possible to tailor make clothes with specific messages and images on sweatshirts polo necks and other apparel. The basic motive in Christian clothing is to honor God in dressing and preach the gospel while on the move.

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